10 Best Waterproof Shower Speakers

The morning routine can drag on anyone.

Many of us find inspiration and motivation by turning on music or vocal programs to play in the background while we get ready for the day.

However, the shower presents numerous hurdles to this process.

That is why we have composed a list of the best waterproof shower speakers in 2019.

Let’s dive in….

Best Waterproof Shower Speakers 2019

VicTsing6 HoursYes Check Price
KOHLER K-9245-CP Moxie7 HoursNo Check Price
DOSS Touch12 HoursYes Check Price
iFox10 HoursYes Check Price
H2oVibe11.5 HoursYes Check Price
EXKOKORO2 HoursYes Check Price
Soundbot6 HoursYes Check Price


VicTsing Shower Speaker1. VicTsing Shower Speaker

The VicTsing is a solid entry in the shower speaker market that does most things better than average, though it is not known for being truly spectacular.

However, with no real drawbacks, and a better than average performance among the primary considerations of a shower speaker, it is probably the one that will satisfy the largest group of people with divergent needs and desires.

Keep in mind, while this speaker is more than adequate for the shower, it is actually not marketed exclusively for that purpose. In fact, the VicTsing is more a “tough” speaker that is designed to function in a variety of environments that may test a speaker’s ability to remain functional.

For instance, while it is water-resistant–though not waterproof as it advertises–it goes the extra mile to also be dust resistant. In a market of products where dust is not often considered an issue, this little advantage allows the VicTsing to stand out in terms of portability.

Moreover, the VicTsing actually advertises itself as a speaker ideal for hiking or camping and other features seem to back up that claim. Specifically, the VicTsing is constructed from a silicone shell. This protects the speaker in a couple ways.

First, the silicone will help assist in the prevention of water damage, which is likely to occur only if immersed and only in the other areas of the speaker’s construction–not the silicone casing itself.

Second, the silicone acts as a shock absorber, making the VicTsing far more durable and able to maintain perfect functioning even after being dropped. If you have ever camped or hiked with a portable speaker, you will know the very real possibility of this happening and how many a “portable” speaker have been ruined by being dropped.

The VicTsing sports adequate sound with a 5 watt speaker that can provide good highs and mids, though the bass will be lacking. In fact, unless the music or other audio specifically utilizes a “punchy” bass, you will have difficulty picking it out at all. Bass guitars are almost non-existent to the VicTsing.

The VicTsing connects via Bluetooth, which carries with it limitations, but since the speaker is not intended to stray far from the user–regardless the setting–this should not be a problem. It actually offers two types of mounting, which is a variety not shown in many shower speakers.

It can be mounted with a suction, that is common among shower speakers, or an aluminum carbine clip, which is common among campers and hikers. To top it off, the VicTsing provides a microphone to allow answering phone calls in the shower or on the go.


  • Uses the most durable casing on the list
  • Provides dual mounting methods
  • Better intrusion resistance than most


  • Exclusive bluetooth connectivity
  • Decent but not great soundscape
  • Relatively short battery life

KOHLER K-9245-CP Moxie2. KOHLER K-9245-CP Moxie

The KOHLER is the best embedded speaker on this list. If fairness, there are only two of note, but this provides a consistently better experience than the H2oVibe.

However, one thing needs to be made perfectly clear in regards to this and the other embedded shower head speaker: these two products are a shower head first and a speaker second. As such, if you are a particular audiophile, you might do well to skip over this and the H2oVibe as they are unlikely to provide the depth of soundscape for which you prefer.

That being said, if the absolute premium of sound quality is not a priority, this speaker offers up a variety of notable features which may make it attractive.

First, the fact that the speaker can be embedded into the shower head itself can provide a great sense of relief in more ways than one. Unlike suction mounted shower speakers, you will not have to worry about this product dislodging from its mount and falling into the shower, potentially breaking on impact.

The shower head allows the speaker to be magnetically locked into place, mounting it securely enough that you can hit the speaker with your hand while repositioning the shower head without fear of dislodging the speaker.

Another advantage the KOHLER’s embedded design offers over other, suction mounted speakers relates to aesthetics. Suction mounted shower speakers are often a bit obtrusive in terms of design–not so much in size or form factor, but that definitely stand out.

Unless you have a highly technologized bathroom design, a suction mounted speaker is likely to clash with the decor. Moreover, most suction mounted shower speakers either come in black or some electric color. For most tastefully decorated bathrooms, neither of those colors will match the surrounding palette.

However, the KOHLER not only allows ease with matching the lines of the bathroom, the standard range of offered colors which include white, polished chrome, vibrant brushed nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze also provide diverse options for matching the color scheme in a sophisticated design.

Of course, for those who are looking to add a splash of color to their bathroom, the KOHLER also offers the speaker in Navy Blue, Chartreuse, Retro Blue, Cherry Red.

Unfortunately, the speaker only allows Bluetooth connectivity, which carries with it limitations in terms of range as well as obstruction. Therefore, your Bluetooth streaming device should be no more than about 30’ away from the shower head while it is in use.

However, the speaker does come with a stand so it can be used outside of the shower. Its lithium-ion battery can last up to 7 hours and is rechargeable with a provided micro-USB cable. As a shower head, it sports 60 angled jets and can be purchased in a 2.5 gpm or the more sustainable conscious 2.0gpm models.

While it will not suit everyone’s demands, the KOHLER Moxie is our best bluetooth shower head. It also tops the list of numerous bluetooth shower head reviews. Of course, those seeking a larger soundscape should probably look at DOSS or another speaker designed more for a robust sound quality.


  • Is embedded in the shower head
  • Mounts via magnetic connection
  • Provides great water flow
  • Numerous design options


  • Soundscape is subpar
  • On the lower end of battery life
  • No microphone

DOSS Touch3. DOSS Touch

The Doss is a bit of a fish out of water on this list. Specifically, it has not IP rating that qualifies it to be used under any conditions that involve it getting wet.

As such, it is highly advised that under no circumstances do you bring this speaker with you into the shower unless you have a shelving unit that is completely shielded from exposure to water.

Even then, the humidity build-up of the shower may still eventually lead to problems with the speaker system.

There has been a single report of the speaker being sprayed with a hose and continuing to work, but that should properly be viewed as an outlier and not an actual feature–especially since the company itself does not advertise any waterproofing for the product. This being the case, one may wonder why the DOSS is included in a list of the best waterproof shower speakers.

The primary reason seems to be its soundscape, which compared to the other options on this list, is vastly superior to all the other entries such that, depending on your needs, you may be better off simply getting a speaker and placing it outside of the shower.

The satisfied is almost exclusively the purview of audiophiles, though they may not find this completely adequate either depending on their demands. Though it should be noted, that the smaller the speakers the smaller the audio range regardless.

There is a reason people purchase 12”-15” subwoofers when they want serious bass. You simply cannot achieve that effect otherwise. However, for a small, portable speaker, the DOSS’ bass is surprisingly deep.

Moreover, the DOSS has a number of other features which make it attractive for use in the shower or on the go. First, the DOSS has numerous forms of connectivity, more so than any other product on this list. If you have certain types of smart phones, digital cameras, or mp3 players, the DOSS will be able to utilize the Micro SD memory card of those devices for its own uses.

However, it also has the option of connecting via an auxiliary cord–a feature not found on any other product on this list. Though in fairness, an auxiliary connection is not waterproof, and the other products on this list do at least strive to be water-resistant.

Like most of the other shower speakers on this list, the DOSS also supports bluetooth syncing, though the DOSS offers 4.0 connectivity as opposed to some of the other speakers on this list which only provide 3.0 connections. This translates to a stronger signal, though it does not actually extend the range. As such, the DOSS will still need to be within the recommended 30’ of the bluetooth streaming device to reliable maintain connection.

The battery life of the DOSS is one of the best on this list able to play continuously for up to 12 hours before the 2,200 mAh lithium ion battery needs to be recharged which is done so via a micro USB cable. All that power is used to push the two 6” speakers which produce 12 watts of power, more than double what the next most powerful speaker puts out.


  • Has the longest battery life on the list
  • Allows numerous forms of connectivity
  • Provides the best soundscape on the list
  • Firmware can be updated


  • Is not waterproof
  • One of the largest speakers on the list
  • Less durable to travel

iFox4. iF0x

The iFox is a shower speaker that can find itself all over various lists of great shower speakers at varying positions, but it consistently makes the grade regardless. Part of this has to do with the fact that the iFox was one of the first big shower speakers that achieved baseline functioning.

However, another part has to do with the fact that iFox imitators have been spawned from its initial success. In fact, many of the designs of other entries on this list were directly inspired by the iFox.

Still, the iFox manages to keep its head above water by continuing to refine its solid design and offering, while pushing itself just past many of its competitors in terms of features. Of course, there is only so much one can do with a compact shower speaker, so innovation may seem minor in terms of parity, but it can be the definitive edge depending on your needs.

For one, the soundscape is less than inspiring. It uses a 3-watt speaker, which one of the smaller speakers on this list. As such, the sound quality is generally inferior to many other products offered, though it is by no means poor. It simply will not satisfy the audiophiles out there who will note the tinny highs and absent bass.

One of the biggest advantages that the iFox has over literally every other entry on this list involves the much-heated use of the term “waterproof.” Where many shower speakers will advertise themselves as waterproof, a quick look at their IP rating will show that they are in fact merely water resistant.

As such, they can endure splashing and spraying, but immersion in water, or even extended exposure, may push the limits of their water resistance and lead to product failure. The iFox on the other hand is legitimately waterproof up to 3 meters, which means it has an ip rating of at least 7. None of the other entries on this least even go above 5.

In terms of other features, the iFox is rather pedestrian. It sports a solid battery life of 10 hours which is good but surpassed by other entries. One plus is that it only takes 3 hours for a full recharge. Like the other options, the iFox connects via bluetooth, limiting its distance from the signal to about 30’. It provides a microphone to answer a phone call while showering and also provides the ability to interact with Siri or another A.I. assistant.

Another benefit the iFox provides that is not found on many other competitors is a 1-year manufacturer’s warrantee. Considering the environment and the large claims made about its waterproofing, this is little more than icing on the cake as you will not have to worry about the longevity of your purchase. Considering it is mounted by a suction cup but does not sport some of the heavier duty casing materials as other entries on this list, the warrantee may come in handy.


  • Legacy product with many refinements over the years
  • User Interface is a priority
  • Most waterproof speaker on the list


  • A substandard soundscape
  • Suction mounted only

H2oVibe5. H2oVibe

The H2oVibe is remarkably similar to the KOHLER Moxie in a numerous ways, though there are distinct advantages and disadvantages to choosing this option over the KOHLER. Of course, the reason that you would only choose between these two options is because you likely prefer the sleeker form and design of the embedded shower speaker over the external one. In this regard, the H2oVibe and the KOHLER provide a similar experience, though they are not identical.

Of course, the reason that you would only choose between these two options is because you likely prefer the sleeker form and design of the embedded shower speaker over the external one. In this regard, the H2oVibe and the KOHLER provide a similar experience, though they are not identical.

The KOHLER is more compact than the H2oVibe and offers a much wider array of color palette options. Where the KOHLER offers numerous choices in both sophisticated and eye-catching color options, the H2oVibe only comes in a silver with polished chrome version. This is not necessarily deal-breaking as silver with polished chrome is neutral, allowing it to match with pretty much any decor choice, it definitely limits its ability to perfectly match in the way the KOHLER might.

This is not necessarily deal-breaking as silver with polished chrome is neutral, allowing it to match with pretty much any decor choice, it definitely limits its ability to perfectly match in the way the KOHLER might. Something else to keep in mind is that, much like the KOHLER, the H2oVibe is intended to be a shower head first and a shower speaker second. As such, you should not expect the H2oVibe to provide the best sound quality.

This does not mean that either the KOHLER or the H2oVibe provide subpar listening experiences, but if you are a devout audiophile, both of those products will leave you wanting more. However, it should be noted that the speaker of the H2oVibe does provide a better sound quality than the KOHLER.

Still, considering that both products place a higher premium on functioning as a shower head before a speaker, those who seek either of these options should probably pay more attention to the function of the shower head first and the speaker second as the seller intends.

Still, if you have a household where the shower will be running often, say for instance you have children, then the superior speaker quality of the H2oVibe may appeal to you more. Aside from the better sound quality, the H2oVibe will also run almost fifty percent longer on a single charge than the KOHLER. However, both the KOHLER and the H2oVibe install in almost identical fashion, which means it is not a difficult process to charge either of them.

However, both the KOHLER and the H2oVibe install in almost identical fashion, which means it is not a difficult process to charge either of them. Much like the KOHLER, the H2oVibe utilizes a relatively standard shower head which uses a magnet to lock the speaker in place. This prevents the speaker from coming loose while repositioning the shower head or generally moving around the shower unlike a suction mounted speaker.

Also similar to the KOHLER, the H2oVibe’s speaker only connects via Bluetooth. This means your Bluetooth streaming device can be no more than 30’ away from the speaker to achieve a reliable connection and you will need to be mindful of obstructions–including your own body–or else you may lose connectivity.

While we cannot rate this as the best bluetooth shower head, one distinct advantage the H2oVibe has over the KOHLER is the inclusion of a noise-reduction microphone that can be activated with the push of a button, allowing you to easily answer a phone call while in the shower. Also of note, the H2oVibe pops up in numerous lists of bluetooth shower head reviews, sometimes even topping the KOHLER depending on the focus.


  • Embedded into the shower head
  • Magnetic mounting
  • Solid soundscape


  • Limited design options
  • Adequate, but not great, water flow from shower head


The EXKOKORO is in a bit of a tricky position when it comes to competing with other shower speakers. It does a great many things exceptionally well, but fails so miserably at other things that many users would be turned off by this product.

Of course, it offers a couple features that are uncommon among shower speakers, so like all entries on this list, it will really come down to what specifically you deem necessary for your shower speaker.

One of the delightful surprises that accompanies this product is the addition of a TF Card slot. If you are not familiar with the TF Card slot, which has since been overtaken by newer ports, not to worry. The TF Card is an older version of what would eventually become the Micro SD memory card.

However, as a bit of a legacy, the TF Card will support Micro SD cards as well. If you have a large collection of music on Micro SD cards and do not really want to go through the hassle of syncing the shower speaker to your Bluetooth streaming device, the EXKOKORO has you covered.

Unfortunately, that feature may become a necessity as the EXKOKORO is not known for providing the best connectivity. This failing creates a bit of a double whammy for the EXKOKORO as Bluetooth connectivity is the weakest and spottiest as is.

However, when you compound the product’s spotty connectivity with a sync feature that is inherently weak, you end up with a product that will regularly cut out without warning and seemingly without change to any of the conditions that influence its connection in the first place.

Of course, there may be other reasons that the connectivity of the EXKOKORO is poor, and one of them has to do with another major flaw in the product’s features. Specifically, the EXKOKORO has one of, if not actually, the worst battery lives of all the devices on the list.

Many users report the battery life of the EXKOKORO to be two hours or less. In a vacuum, this should not necessarily be a problem. How often do you shower for two hours straight?

The issue comes with the fact that Bluetooth connectivity is notoriously power consumptive, and for a device that already uses power at an alarming rate, it may be prohibitively so. Essentially, the power-hungry Bluetooth connection strains the individual power use and surges such that it cannot even function. Keep in mind, this is not a ubiquitous problem, but it is noted often enough that someone who purchases the EXKOKORO should consider it a distinct possibility.

Still, for everything that it does wrong, the EXKOKORO does provide a nice soundscape. In fact, while many of the other products on this list are more reliable and provide longer battery charges and better connectivity, they falter a bit in terms of sound quality.

However, the EXKOKORO seems to have focused much of its efforts towards this end, as the bass is notably better than many other competitors without being too muddy and washing out the mids or the highs.


  • Provides a great soundscape
  • Excellent bass production for its size
  • Allows both Micro SD and Auxiliary connection as well as Bluetooth


  • Extremely short battery life
  • Difficulty syncing via Bluetooth

SoundBot7. SoundBot

The SoundBot is the middle-or-the-road product on our list as it does not truly do anything spectacular, but neither does it fall fully flat on its face in any respect either. If you are looking for a shower speaker that technically checks all of the boxes, this one will do.

However, it is important to keep in mind that while it may not blow you away in any meaningful respect; it will not blow a hole in your wallet either.

The SoundBot is one of the only products on the list that offers exclusive suction mounting. As has been noted, this can create a problem if you have a smaller shower or move around a lot while in the shower. If you are washing your hair and reaching for another hygiene product, the possibility of knocking the SoundBot from its mounting increases.

Now, while it may not be as fragile as some of the other options on this list, like the DOSS, it is not the most structurally sound, like the VicTsing either. As such, if you do happen to dislodge it from the suction mounting, there is a possibility that it could become damaged in the fall.

The soundscape of the SoundBot is adequate, though audiophiles will definitely be left wanting more. The mids and highs of the product are decent, if not great, but the bass will not produce anything resembling a quality experience.

For hip hop lovers or other genres of music that rely on bass heavy grooves, this will present an experience that is less than satisfying. Of course, you can still pick out the bass, but it will not be pronounced nor will any extended bass note be recognizable.

The SoundBot advertises itself as water-resistant, not waterproof. However, that should not necessarily be seen as a strike against it as many of products on this list advertise themselves as waterproof when, in actuality, they are not. an IP rating of 4 is the most common on this list–even among the products that claim to be waterproof–though a rating of at least 7 is required to actually qualify as “waterproof.” If nothing else, this does provide some peace of mind that the product you purchase is the product you were advertised in regards to the SoundBot.

The SoundBot connects via Bluetooth, and Bluetooth only. This means that your Bluetooth streaming device can be no further than 30’ away from the SoundBot for it to maintain connectivity. Unfortunately, it does not provide any other method of connection nor does it support the Micro SD card that some of the others on this list do.

The SoundBot does come equipped with a microphone than aims at reducing the background noise of the shower, so you can answer a phone call while showering.


  • No major faults
  • Comes in the widest variety of colors and styles


  • No major advantages
  • Only suction mounted

Waterproof speakers Buyer’s Guide:

Every list of “the best x” product throws a lot of different features, numbers, and buzzwords at you. Unfortunately, this cannot really be avoided as that is the way we differentiate one product from another. However, when making an informed decision, it helps to have that jargon broken down so that we can actually make sense of what it means in the real world rather than buying the product with the biggest numbers and hoping for the best.


Depending on your setup, the best shower speakers will come in one of three different connectivity modes: Bluetooth, wi-fi, or both. Obviously, a shower speaker that provides Bluetooth and wi-fi will immediately seem to be the best, but it will also carry a bit more of a price tag to go along with it.

This may not be a problem, but if you take your phone to the bathroom with you—as many people these days do—or your wi-fi router is located in a part of the house where the signal does not really reach the bathroom, you may not need both options.

On the other hand, Bluetooth’s range is severely limited when compared to wi-fi, so if you use a Bluetooth speaker, you will almost be forced to take your phone into the bathroom with you.

Waterproof v Water-Resistant

This is another feature that should be judged on a case-by-case basis. Again, the obvious answer seems to be that a fully waterproof shower speaker is clearly superior to one that is merely water-resistant. However, as with connectivity, that additional protection will come at a slightly higher premium cost.

The issue then comes down to a matter of use. If the speaker is actually embedded within the shower head itself, waterproofing is paramount as the amount of water the speaker will be subjected to cannot be ignored without risking electronic failure.

If, however, the speaker is separate from the shower head and is mounted either to the wall or in some other fashion, being water-resistant is often sufficient without needing to spend more money on an unnecessary feature.

Battery Life

As with all electronic devices that are not plugged into an outlet, the battery life of the device will heavily determine both the convenience and the long-term cost that the device will place on you after purchase. Much like with other advanced electronics, the battery life of shower speakers will often weigh heavily based on the features of that speaker.

A shower speaker with Bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity will generally consume more power than one the connects via only a single method. Moreover, different types of shower speakers will require different types of batteries. Of course, you can always bypass the problem altogether by purchasing a shower speaker with an internal, rechargeable battery, but as always, this will increase the overall cost.

Still, the long-term savings over the upfront investment compared to the continuous repurchase of new batteries will likely be worth it in the long run.


If you intend to use a shower speaker exclusively in the bathroom, then how it is mounted will become a serious consideration. The most common forms of mounting are also the cheapest, however, it is also the least secure. Suction cup mounting is convenient and popular but does not provide the security many people seek in their electronics.

A variety of scenarios can lead to suction mounted speakers coming dislodged from their position. From that point, you can only hope and pray it does not break on the way down unless you have lightning fast reflexes. The other most common form of mounting involves the speaker being embedded directly into the shower head.

There is obviously little room in this design for the speaker to become dislodged, however, embedded speakers are also often double the price of suction mounted speakers.


This may be the most important feature that at first might appear secondary. The expectation is that with a speaker playing literally next to your head, you will not have any difficulty hearing it. Of course, this truly depends on what you like to listen to in the shower, and the best waterproof shower speakers can accommodate all uses.

However, if you are a fan of talk radio or podcasts where the primary sound is human voices, you will likely want to make sure that your shower speaker is capable of being played at a loud volume. The reason is because the rushing water of the shower itself will contribute to a background white noise which can muddy and wash out the clarity of the speaker.

Generally, 3 – 5 watts should be acceptable, though if you intend to use the speaker outside of the shower setting exclusively, you may want to consider investing in one which can provide louder volume.


This consideration becomes far more important if you prefer your shower speaker to serve double or triple duty. For example, many speakers that are appropriate to use in the shower can also be utilized in a pool or generally around the house. This is especially convenient if you are hosting a party but do not have a sound system wired throughout the property.

In this instance, there are two primary factors that will determine the portability of the speaker: size and mounting. While suction mounted speakers may not provide the best stability, they are far easier to move than those embedded within the shower head itself. Of course, size is a portability factor no matter what product you are moving.

Fortunately, a majority of the speakers marketed for use around or in water have been designed with this consideration in mind. Still, there are shower speakers that are much larger and provide better sound but are not nearly as mobile.


In some respects, design can encompass a few of the previous considerations already mentioned in this guide. Portability and mounting are definitively properties of the design, however, design extends beyond the simple function of a product and includes the form as well. Quite simply, how something looks can play a large role in determining whether it is the right product for you.

If you rent your home and have little choice over its decor, any style speaker is probably acceptable. However, if you invested hundreds if not thousands of dollars into a bathroom in the home you own, the design of the shower speaker may be more meaningful.

In the case of the latter, speakers embedded in the shower head are the more popular choice as they often come in different palettes to match the bathroom while also remaining unobtrusive.


If you have ever been in the shower and been waiting on an important phone call that you could not miss, this feature’s high-necessity will come into stark contrast. On the surface, this may seem a bit superfluous, however, a microphone in your shower speaker can allow you to retain a fair amount of control over your mobile device while indisposed.

For those shower speakers which connect via Bluetooth and also sport a microphone, you may very well be able to handle numerous functions on your phone that have nothing to do with listening to music of voice programs. Depending on the product’s various features, you can text, compose and send emails, or take notes of those brilliant ideas one only seems to come up while in the shower.

Sound Definition

While audiophiles may find this to be a top priority, you should come to this factor with tempered expectations. Keep in mind, you are purchasing a single–generally small–speaker to listen to music or talk programs for the half hour or less while you shower.

These products are not really meant to duplicate the quality of a sound system. That being said, the sound definition for compact speakers has come a long way in the past decade, and solid sound quality can be achieved for a reasonable price and in a small form.

However, as with all features, the quality of the sound will often scale in price and generally along a quadratic–not linear–scale. In short, the cheapest will sound exceedingly cheap, while the most expensive may not produce sound that much better than a mid-range product.

Signal Range

This consideration is primarily a concern for shower speakers that are connected exclusively by Bluetooth. A wi-fi or dual connected device provides the options and ingrained signal strength to overcome the reduced range that many Bluetooth exclusive connected devices suffer.

However, there is still hope for those that prefer the security and control afforded by Bluetooth exclusive. Specifically, certain shower speakers offer a boosted Bluetooth signal. This can increase the range of the Bluetooth signal from a mere 33’ to 100’–almost triple the distance.

Of course, the Bluetooth signal will still suffer from impediments such as walls or even your own body, so placement will still be a major factor. Still, if you are willing to spend a bit more, Bluetooth connectivity does not need to be a gamble in terms of the devices remaining connected.

IP Rate

This is the technical side of waterproof vs water-resistant. This quality actually determines the degree to which the speaker is protected from water. Moreover, many brands may use somewhat unscrupulous advertising by promoting their product as waterproof when it is in fact merely water-resistant.

Fortunately, the IP rating allows you to determine for yourself what degree of water protection the device offers. An IP rating below 6 will not actually protect your device from immersion, and even as little as 1” of water in your shower may ruin the device should it fall.

However, it should be noted that only a rating of 7 or higher is considered waterproof for immersion, and 6 may not even be sufficient should you use the speaker in a pool.


There are no truly “best waterproof shower speakers.” Instead, there are speakers better for one set of intended uses or constraints over another set. Ultimately, you have to figure out, preferably ahead of time, what exactly you want to do with your shower speaker.

Then, it becomes a task of determining which speaker checks off all the boxes you have. Still, the list provided here and the buyer’s guide following should allow you to make an informed decision and find just what you are in the market for.

Whether it is a high-end speaker embedded within your shower head for a sleek, sophisticated setup or simply an adequate model that you can take on the go, the “best” shower speaker is the one that is right for you.

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