10 Best LED Shower heads

Looking for the best LED shower heads?

In this (2019) updated guide, you’ll basically find everything is to know about LED shower heads.

Take a look at the top list below:

Best LED shower heads 2019

Product NameWeightFlow Rate 
(Editor's pick)
10.4 ounces2.5 GPM Check Price
DreamSpa11.2 ounces2.5 GPM Check Price
DreamSpa AquaFan1.2 pounds2.5 GPM Check Price
Getek1.5 pounds2 GPM Check Price
Ana Bath LSS5430CCP2.8 pounds2.5 GPM Check Price
LightInTheBox19.4 pounds2 GPM Check Price
HotelSpa1.2 pounds2.5 GPM Check Price


PowerSpa® All Chrome LED Shower Head1. PowerSpa® All Chrome LED Shower Head (Best Choice out of any LED Shower Head)

A variety of LED shower head reviews lists this PowerSpa as the best option for 2017. It is the world’s only color-changing LED shower head that has a chrome face. It is also powered by technology that requires no batteries just the power of running water.

Do you hate low-pressure showers? I sure do. This shower head says it optimizes a Hydro Supercharged Turbine LED, Air Jet design. This design injects oxygen into the flowing water through 48 elastic nozzles which are used to create stronger water pressure.

This easy to connect shower head also offers a variety of shower spray settings which helps to meet the needs of an entire family with its click lever feature. This technology can help prevent clogging of the shower head.

The shower head has these four setting for a family to enjoy:

• Rain
• Massage
• Rain/Massage Mix
• Water-saving Economy

Create a rainbow in your shower with a variety of seven different colors. These colors change automatically every few seconds. With the LED lights having over 100,000 hours of life, you can light up your showers daily for many years without replacing any lights.

If you have children that hate to shower or bathe, this shower head will make showering fun again. Just think, your child will be asking you to take a shower without the fuss.

This shower head will also become a conversational piece the first time your family comes to visit. They will want to know where you got it and how they can get one too because of its unique design.

The sleek, sexy solid chrome finish will add a designer look to any bathroom. The entire shower head is chrome finished except the plastic parts that cover the lights. It does not resemble a cheap toy or gimmick but fits well with the other chrome faucets in my bathroom

The circular face is four inches which allows for an abundance of water to cascade down from the wall mounted shower head. At 10.4 ounces, this shower head will not put extra pressure on the shower walls when it is mounted.

The one drawback when trying to show off your new shower head is the water powers the LED lights. Most people would think this is a great feature because it does not require any batteries. I would like to show off the variety of colors without having to turn on the water.

Another drawback would be that the colors are random and not associated with the water temperature. For people with small children, a shower head’s color associating with the water temperature could help prevent burning or scalding.

Overall, this shower head is worth the money and would be a great addition to anyone’s bathroom


  • Can be mounted to the wall
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable (up and down)
  • Air Turbo Pressure-Boost Technology


  • Lights are not temperature sensitive
  • Lights do not turn on when water is off

DreamSpa All Chrome LED Shower Head2. DreamSpa All Chrome LED Shower Head

This shower head comes in a close second on the LED shower head reviews for 2017. It boasts that it is the most advanced LED shower head available today. This shower head also is powered by running water, and no batteries are needed.

The DreamSpa would make a great housewarming gift for a new couple buying their first home or a teenager moving out of his parent’s house for the first time. It would even be great to give as a Christmas or Birthday gift to freshen up an old bathroom.

This shower head also offers a variety of shower spray settings. My favorite after a hard day at work is the Hydro-Mist that gently relaxes all of my sore muscles. My wife enjoys the Power Rain setting that pound out the tension in her muscles.

The DreamSpa offers a total of five fantastic settings to wash away your troubles:

• Power Rain
• Pulsating Massage
• Economy Rain
• Water-saving Pause
• Hydro-Mist

With a 5-setting angle adjustable shower head, the DreamSpa will create the perfect shower for all of the different heights of people in the family. The LED lights available in this shower head also have a long clean rub which can give years of showering enjoyment.

Included with this shower head is a temperature sensor that regulates how the lights change. When the water is less than 95 degrees F, the color will be blue. Green indicates the water temperature is between 95 degrees and 108 degrees F.

Red tells a person that the water is between 109 degrees and 122 degrees F. A flashing red is indicating to be extremely careful because the water is scorching at temperatures higher than 122 degrees F.

A designer beveled rim accent will add character to any bathroom. I love this feature on this shower head because it gives a bathroom just a little extra that other shower heads cannot. It also gives a touch of stylishness to the shower without making it look 5.25-inch.

This shower head will keep itself clean with the high power 3 area dial with clean rub jets. It also has a click action lever to change between each of the available settings. With a 5.25-inch chrome face, it covers an extra-large area when in use.

A reflective perimeter rim is the icing on the cake with this DreamSpa shower head.

One small issue with this shower head is the beveled rim accent and the reflective perimeter rim. I know I said I liked the way they look, and they do add to a bathroom, but they have crevices that are hard to get completely clean.

In conclusion, this shower head’s design is worth the extra work of cleaning it. It will add class to a classless room: the bathroom.


  • Can be mounted overhead
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable (5 settings)
  • Beveled Rim Accent


  • Reflective perimeter rim may be hard to clean
  • Beveled rim may be hard to clean

DreamSpa AquaFan 12 inch All-Chrome Shower Heady3. DreamSpa AquaFan 12 inch All-Chrome Shower Heady

Have you ever played outside as small pellets of rain created a gentle waterfall around you? This amazing shower head brings this experience into your bathroom with little hassle. You don’t only get the small pellets of rain but also a spectrum of colors.

This unique shower head has a 12-inch curved fan design to provide you with the finest shower which includes shoulder to shoulder coverage. This fan has an all chrome finish to top off this remarkable waterfall experience.

The entire shower head system does not require any batteries to operate.

DreamSpa AquaFan is a fixed mounted overhead shower head but can be angle adjusted. It also has over 100 rub clean jets to help to create the flawless rainfall spray experience.

This easy to install shower head can be mounted in any standard shower. It only weighs 1.2 pounds, so it should be easy on the wall where it is attached.

This shower head’s large curved flat surface is incredibly easy to clean. It is solid without any crevices to worry about getting clean. It also has a solid back that will shine in the bathroom when cleaned. The chrome finish will add a nice touch to your bathroom making it sleek and shiny.

The distinctive shape of this shower head would be a charming addition to your bathroom. It will also have your guests looking twice for a conventional shower head.

One of the unique features of this shower head is the build in temperature sensor. The curved fan has a huge, easy to read LED/LCD display which shows the temperature of the water coming out of the head.

The LCD’s color changes as the temperature of the water changes. Blue is representing cool water with a temperature below 95 degrees F. A green LCD is showing warm water with a temperature between 95 degrees F and 109 degrees F.

A red colored light indicates hot water ranging in temperatures from 109 degrees F and 122 degrees F. The last setting is a flashing red warning the water is over 122 degrees F. These setting are the same as the previous shower head.

One of the only drawbacks with this shower head is there is only one shower spray. It does not offer a variety of choices which means it cannot please everyone in the household. I enjoy a soft rainfall sometimes, but I also enjoy a pulsating storm too.

It is important to note that this shower head does have a flow rate of 2.5 GPM which is similar to other shower heads in its class.

This shower head can give you the picture-perfect shower without the pulsating storm. It would also make a great gift for a friend or a family member


  • Wall mounted
  • Easy to install
  • Massaging head
  • LED/LCD Display


  • Only one spray setting

Getek Square 8″ inch LED Shower Head4. Getek Square 8″ inch LED Shower Head

Getek out did themselves with this amazing shower head. I would be excited to install this unique shower head into my master bathroom. It lights up without batteries using just the power of water similar to how a dam creates electricity.

It also offers a rainfall experience but with a slightly harder downpour. This shower head could give you the pulsating action denied with the last shower head. It also provides a rainfall massage to your head and shoulders after a stressful day.

The Getek’s shower head has over 160 holes for the water to gush out providing the needed pressure for a pleasant shower.

Getek’s square design is helpful when trying to wash shampoo out of long hair, also. It directs the spray downward, so you get the most out of it without it spraying all over the bathroom. This design will also help keep the bathroom dry when children are showering.

My kids loved the experience when taking a shower with this shower head. They were in the South America rainforest, and the lights were the people looking for them. They could not step in the red water, or they would be caught.

The LED lights represent the temperature of the water and change with it. The temperature sensitive control reads blue when the water is less than 87 degrees F. It turns green when the water is between 87 degrees F and 100 degrees F.

The LED lights will turn red and stay red when the water reaches above 100 degrees F. At 114 degrees F, the light will begin to flash red to protect against skin burns. The Getek also visually displays the temperature of the water for better accuracy.

The contemporary design of this shower head is how a modern bathroom wants to look. The chrome finish adds to this feeling and tops it off. These features make the shower head easy to clean to a sparkle, also.

This shower head is completely safe earning CE, ROHS, EMC, and PAH certificates. These certificates are required by different countries to prove the product has passed inspection and met all requires.

I am not sure if this is a drawback or not, but this shower head weights a little over 1.5 pounds making it heavier than any of the previous shower heads. However, it is not enough weight to damage anything.

One drawback with this shower head is the lifetime of the LED lights is slightly over 6000 hours and not the 10,000 hours the previous heads offer. No worries, however, since 6,000 is still years of use without worrying.

This shower head is valued right and will be great in any bathroom–especially the bathroom reserved for the children.


  • Easy to install
  • Can be mounted to the ceiling or wall
  • Temperature sensor


  • LEDs have a lifetime of only 6000 hours

 Ana Bath LSS5430CCP LED Handheld and Shower Head Combo Shower System5. Ana Bath LSS5430CCP LED Handheld and Shower Head Combo Shower System

If you are unfamiliar with the Ana Bath name, they are a company who has over 20 years of experience in the plumbing industry with excellent customer service. This shower head system is one of the best that they offer.

What an amazing piece of technology. This system contains LED lights on both handheld and mounted shower heads that are powered by the running water and not batteries. The LED lights are a beautiful blue that makes your entire bathroom spark.

This shower head combo will change the atmosphere of a bathroom without a lot of work. It will create a warm, relaxing blue glow as you shower or bathe. It will indeed help release any built-up tension in the body.

The spray setting is amazingly straight which prevents excess spray from hitting the floor of the bathroom. Each separate shower head also has five spray settings to meet every household member’s wants and needs.

Both Ana Bath’s shower heads have the following shower spray settings:

• Saturating Spray
• Massage Spray
• Bubbling Spray
• Saturating and Massage Spray
• Saturating and Bubbling Spray

This LED combo shower system is perfect for the family that likes a handheld and a mounted shower head.

The Ana Bath shower head comes with a stainless steel hose that is 60 inches long. With this length, the handheld shower head can reach to the farthest corners of your shower.

This shower head is equipped with water saving technology that will save you money. You will see it on your next water bill. However, each of the shower heads is 4 inches which will still provide a nice water flow.

A 3-way diverter mount (one of the best in its category) comes with this shower head. It guides the water between the two shower heads and the faucet. It also comes with a double hook to hang up the handheld right next to the mounted shower head.

All of the pieces (diverter, both LED shower heads, and hose) are chrome plated for an appealing look in the bathroom.

The pieces are also well made. The chrome finish makes it resistant to corrosion, rust, and decay. This shower head is durable and will not need to be replaced for a long time.

This LED shower head is amazing, but it only emits a blue light, unlike the other shower heads. I prefer the variety of color. If you prefer a calmer, smoother atmosphere, the Ana Bath shower head is the one to buy.

One drawback with the double shower heads is that diverting water to both requires a lot of water pressure. If you have well water or low water pressure, it may cause an issue when trying to use both shower heads at the same time.

This shower head is ideal for a more intimate bathroom setting.


  • Both handheld and mounted heads
  • Quiet
  • Easy to install
  • Massaging head
  • Adjustable


  • Only one color available
  • May require a lot of water pressure

LightInTheBox 20 Inch Square LED Shower Head6. LightInTheBox 20 Inch Square LED Shower Head

LightInTheBox is an online store that was founded in 2007. They supply a variety of goods to people around the globe including the United States and Canada. This shower head is from their home and garden area.

Since this is an overhead mounted shower head, it only offers one spray setting. This spray setting is rainfall which can be a pleasant experience when taking a shower. It can also provide a shoulder to shoulder water with its large 20-inch square head.

This shower head also has a temperature sensor that regulates the changing of the lights. Similar to the other shower heads above, the colors are red, blue, and green. This shower head does not give the temperatures associated with the colors.

However, it does say that blue is cold water, green is warm water, red is hot water, and flashing red is scalding water. These different colors can warn you of the danger of burning yourself in a shower that is too hot.

LightInTheBox makes their shower heads with a unique copper that contains a minimal amount of lead. The shower heads also have a resistance to high temperatures. They also do not erode or scratch easily. They are made of durable stainless steel material.

The contemporary design of this shower head can be an asset to any bathroom. I liked the brushed finish and the stainless steel. The stainless steel makes this a well-made shower head.

The shower head weighs 17.4 pounds which is the largest of the seven heads. I would typically be concerned about the amount of pressure this amount of weight adds to the wall, but this is ceiling mounted.

It is attached to the ceiling with four strong shower arms which prevent any undue pressure from damaging the roof. It is made with some amazing features to make it last a long time.

I like the sound of this shower head when it is in use. If you close your eyes, it sounds like you are standing in a rainforest. The only thing missing is the birds and other animal making noise in the background.

One issue with this shower head is the fitting and supply lines are not provided. You can easily find what you need at a local hardware store, but it does require a little more money and a trip.

This shower head may be harder to install than others, also. It may require a bit more work, but the unique rainfall spray directly above your head will be worth the work.

Another drawback with this shower head is it must be mounted on the ceiling because of the way it is designed. It may be hard just to replace a wall mounted shower head with this one.


  • Stainless Steel
  • Brushed Finished
  • Ceiling Mounted
  • 3 available LED colors


  • Fittings and supply lines are not included
  • Harder to install may require a professional
  • Must be mounted on ceiling for full affect

HotelSpa All Chrome Handheld Shower Head7. HotelSpa All Chrome Handheld Shower Head

This shower head is the only single handheld head in the seven best. It can be used as an overhead or handheld shower head. When in the overhead shower position, it has an adjustable angle bracket to move the water to the desired area.

The handheld head comes with a five-foot hose. This hose is extra flexible and made from stainless steel. The nuts on the hose are made for easy hand tightening.

By using hydroelectric power, this shower head does not require any batteries. It is also easy to install without any tools onto a standard overhead shower arm. The shower head is a rain shower and massaging head.

HotelSpa’s shower head features these five different modes:

• Power Rain
• Pulsating Massage
• Hydrating Mist
• Water-Saving Economy Rain
• Pause

A unique feature of this shower head, however, is the LCD which is located directly on the handheld part. The display has a built-in temperature sensor that changes colors according to the temperature of the water.

The LED lights in the shower head also change colors according to the temperature. These settings are similar to all of the others. Blue represents temperatures below 95 degrees F. Green indicates temperatures between 95 degrees F and 108 degrees F.

Red is letting you know the water’s temperature is between 109 degrees F and 122 degrees F. The flashing red LED lights are telling you not to touch the over 122 degrees F water. These LED lights can run steadily for over 10,000 hours without any issues.

HotelSpa has also included a three-zone precision spiral-flow dial and rub clean jets. These features make it easy to clean and keep clean. The handheld also has a click lever to change between spray settings.

The extra-large 4.25-inch face guarantees water to cover the entire body and not just the center of the head. The flow rate is 2.5 gallons of water per minute.
The all chrome finish of the bracket and handheld will easily fit into any style of bathroom. The lights will add character to your bathroom.

One drawback of this shower head is that the LCD temperature reader only provides odd numbers. It does not show even numbered temperatures, so it can sometimes be off by one degree. It is probably not a big deal, but something worth noting.

Another drawback is that the hand unit is made of hard plastic. It is chrome plated and looks great. The issue is if it gets dropped, it may break, but the construction seems to be durable.

Another item to note is the hose is five feet long which is ideal for regular use. When trying to wash a dog that runs to the furthest corner of the shower, the hose is not long enough


  • Extra height
  • Easy to install
  • Massaging head
  • Adjustable


  • LCD only reads odd numbers
  • Hard plastic

LED Shower Head Buyer’s Guide

Buying a shower head seems pretty simple, right? It isn’t though with all of the available technology and variety of features many shower heads offer. Let’s look at some of the more common questions asked about LED shower heads.

What are LED Shower Heads?

Simply, they are shower heads with LED lights built directly into the head. Most LED shower heads do not require batteries to work. The LED shower head is similar to standard shower heads. For example, LED shower heads come in rain shower heads, massage shower heads, and dual shower heads.

LED shower heads are divided into two different categories. The first type is LED heads that include a temperature sensor where the colors change with the water temperature. The second category is shower heads that randomly change colors.

How Do LED Shower Heads Work?

LED shower heads have a small turbine system inside them. The water spins the turbine creating energy. The energy is then used as electricity to light the LED lights. When the water pressure is high, the lights are brighter. When the pressure is low, the lights are not as bright.

This difference in water pressure is what causes the variations of brightness people complain about with the LED shower heads.

In LED shower heads that change color with the water’s temperature, a temperature sensor is also included with the turbine system. The sensor tells the colors to change when the water’s temperature changes.

If the LED lights change randomly, it has a timer that opens and closes the circuit for each color at set intervals.

How to Install A LED Shower Head?

It is easy to install most new shower heads by replacing the old head. All of the previous shower heads can be installed this way except for the LightInTheBox 20 Inch Square LED Shower Head. This exchange of shower heads can be completed in five simple steps.

1. You must remove the old shower head. This step may require a wrench. The shower head can be removed by placing the wrench in place and turning the nut to the left which will loosen it. The shower head may drop, so be ready to catch it to stop it from damaging the shower floor or bathtub.

2. Using steel wool, clean the threads of the base where the old shower head was attached. Debris may have collected around the threads, so make sure to clean it well.

3. Each shower head should come with Teflon which is a white tape to stop leaks. If it is not included with the new shower head, it can be purchased at your local hardware store. Take a small amount of the thread tape and wrap the threads you just cleaned.

4. To prevent a leaky faucet and increase water pressure, put a rubber O-ring inside any place where there is a water connection.

5. Finally, tighten the hardware. This step may also require a wrench. To tighten, turn the nut to the right. Make sure to test the unit when you are finished for any leaks.

What to Keep In Mind When Purchasing a LED Shower Head?

Everyone has an opinion when discussing new shower heads. They will tell you to purchase a rain showerhead or a handheld, but these things depend upon your preferences.

The five things you should consider are durability and longevity of the shower, price, installation, spray patterns, and customer reviews.

Durability and longevity are important factors when considering a LED shower head. Find out the materials used in making the shower head and if any issue continues to be discussed.

Do not purchase a shower head that requires batteries to work. This requirement will become an issue every time you have to replace the batteries in the shower head.

A higher price tag does not always guarantee quality. However, do not be lured with a big discount offer. You should base your purchase on information other than the price tag.

Installation steps are sometimes overlooked when purchasing a new LED shower head. Depending on your skill set, an easy to install LED head may be the best choice. Before you buy the shower head, find out what is required to install it and if you will have to hire a professional.

A variety of spray patterns should be viewed when looking for a new LED shower head. A shower head with only one setting may not meet the needs of the entire family.

Customer reviews are the superior way to decide on a new LED shower head. The people who have experience with the shower head are the experts. However, do not purchase on the positive or negative feedback alone. Look at both sides to make the most informed decision.

Benefits of a LED Shower HeadWhat are the Benefits of a LED Shower Head?

All shower heads have pros and cons associated with them, but a LED shower head has a variety of benefits for you and your family.

Most LED showerheads are easy to install which means you can add style and change a room quickly. A new LED shower head will also increase the value of your home with just a few turns of a wrench.

The temperature sensor allows a person to check the temperature of the water without touching the water. The water can be adjusted without getting wet when running a bath for your child. The LED shower head is also safe for you and your family to use.

Parents can allow older children to shower alone knowing the water temperature sensor will guide them. The LED head also makes showering fun. Children want to take their daily baths/showers just to see the lights.

It also creates a friendly atmosphere for adults without children. You can save energy by not turning on the overhead lights in the bathroom and just shower by the glow of the LED lights. This idea makes the shower head environmentally friendly.

It also does not require any batteries, and the brightness can be adjusted by the water flow. Most LED shower heads are chrome coated ABS, also.

A unique benefit associated with the LED shower head is the health benefits. Colors have been proven to affect the mood of an individual. When taking a shower in the morning, the lights will help start your day on a positive note.

When showering in the evenings, the lights help calm and sooth away any tension. The LED shower heads that are random provide better color therapy than the water temperature controlled LED lights.

What are the Disadvantages of LED Shower Heads?

One disadvantage of a LED shower head is a lack of premium quality offerings. I was not able to find a major brand name that manufactured a type of LED shower head. Most of the companies offering LED shower heads are great companies and make a great product, but they are not the big name companies.

I am not into brand names, but this may be considered a disadvantage of LED shower head for some people.

Another disadvantage applies to individuals who have hard water. Hard water causes a build up inside the LED shower head. This build up can stop the lights from working. It may also produce a thunderous sound as the turbine attempts to turn to make the lights work.

Anyone that lives with hard water knows this build up happens in all types of shower heads and it can be easily fixed by soaking the shower head in a solution to dissolve the mineral buildup. My mom always used vinegar and baking soda for our clogged shower heads.

The last item that needs to be mentioned can be considered an advantage or disadvantage depending on your view. Many LED shower heads are offered in only four colors. The colors represent the different temperatures of the water coming out of the shower head.

The limitations of the colors depending on the water temperature can be viewed as a disadvantage. The water temperature colors can also be viewed as a safety feature for children. It depends on the person purchasing the LED shower head.

Are LED Shower Heads Dangerous?

I always hear this question and just want to ask “Are regular shower heads dangerous?” I understand the concern, however. Even though the turbine creates electricity, it is a highly low amount, and it is directed to the lights.

If anything, these LED shower heads can provide an extra layer of protection against massive burns. I say this because most have temperature sensors that will flash red when the water is too hot.


The best LED shower heads do make the shower and now you are ready to purchase the appropriate LED shower head for you. This list was carefully created to provide you with the most accurate information. It was also created with the needs of you and your family in mind.

I hope this list will guide your future purchase of a new LED shower head. Once you have purchased a LED shower head, I hope you are satisfied with your purchase. Enjoy.