10 Best High Pressure Shower Heads for Low Water Pressure

In this (Updated) guide, you’ll find everything there is to know about fixing your shower head pressure.

After 20 hours of additional research for 2019 and testing out 23 shower heads in total, we conclude that the Delta 75152 is still the best high pressure shower head for most people.

But before you consider buying a new shower head, You should definitely try to fix your existing shower head using the tips and tricks i mentioned below.

The best high pressure shower heads in 2019 

Product NameFlow rateFinish 
Delta 75152 Shower Head
(Editor's Choice)
1.85 - 2.5 GPMChrome Check Price
Speakman S-2005-HB High-Pressure Shower Head2.0 -2.5 GPM
(2 models)
Brass / Antique Brass Check Price
Vida Alegría Spashower Shower Head2.5 GPMChrome Check Price
Fire Hydrant Spa Massager Shower Head2.5 GPMChrome Color Check Price
Speakman S-2252 High-Pressure Shower Head2.5 GPMChrome Check Price

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Here is a video on how to install your new shower head 

How to Increase water pressure in a shower head

How can I improve the water pressure in my shower?

  1. Try cleaning your shower heads: Your showerhead can also be the culprit for your water pressure being low. When your shower head starts to clog, you will have a noticeable difference in shower pressure. Cleaning your shower head should help, but if you have always noticed that your water pressure is low, it might be another reason.

  2. Try removing the flow restrictor: To remove the flow restrictor, unscrew your shower head, find the colored plastic restrictor, and pull it out with a screwdriver or with pliers. (However, doing so will break the law: “Energy Policy Act of 1992 set the maximum flow rate of showerheads at 2.5 GPM”)

  3. Get your home plumbing checked by a plumber: If you notice low water pressure at every faucet in your home, it is also possible that your problem is originating with your municipal water supply. Or, you can call a plumber to have your plumbing checked for blockage and corrosion. A simple fix is to have the plumber adjust your pressure reducing valve.

Common Reasons for low water pressure

 1. Plumbing leaks

One of the most common reasons you would have low water pressure is because of a plumbing leak. A leak will lessen your water pressure since there isn’t enough water coming into the placed it is being directed. To test and see if you have any leaks, turn off all the water faucets and write down your current water meter reading. In a few hours, check the meter again and see if there has been any change if there has then you know you have a leak.

2. Build Up of Debris in Pipes

This is another area worth checking out, and it is easy to fix. Just pour some chemicals into your pipes to clear.

3. Pressure Regulators

You may also have a problem with your pressure regulators, so it worth checking out.
Other reasons you may have low water pressure:

  • Municipal water supply or the pipes bringing water to your house
  • Not being satisfied by your current shower head

Advantages of a high-pressure shower head

Better Clean

When you shower with a high-pressure shower head, the higher pressure water makes it easier to wash and rinse yourself in comparison to a standard shower head.

Feels Awesome

On a cold morning, a hot high-pressure shower can feel absolutely amazing. The right amount of water pressure is purely a personal preference and, if you have been stuck for years with low water pressure, installing a high-pressure shower head can greatly improve how you feel in the morning.

Less Water Usage

Obviously, if you are getting the same amount of pressure and flow with less water, this can help you save water and money.

In addition high-pressure shower heads also…

  • Keep the water hot (as less used)
  • Have easy installation
  • Easy to adjust
  • Last a long time

High-Pressure Shower Head Basics

The key to a great shower experience is having the right water pressure. If you have low water pressure in your home, you understand how frustrating it is to have a weak shower stream when all you want is a high-pressure shower to help you start your day.

Basically, a high-pressure shower head is usually chosen by someone that is dealing with low or inefficient water pressure, so their shower head is not giving them a good showering experience. For those that prefer really good water pressure for their shower, getting a high-pressure shower head should help to fix your low water pressure problem, and it will actually use the same amount of water that your previous shower head was using.

Since it is designed to give you high water pressure by using the same amount of water, a high-pressure shower head uses either an adjustable spray setting or a design that includes a pressure chamber. When using the adjustable spray setting, the shower head is basically condensing down the spray from your shower head into a stronger but smaller shower. If it has a pressure chamber, the shower head will add pressure and air to the shower water which will make the water come out at a higher pressure level.

Reviews of the best shower heads for low water pressure

1. Delta 75152 Shower Head

When you want an aesthetically pleasing shower head that has a modern vibe, the Delta 75152 model is definitely one to put on your list to check out.

It has a fixed wall design, and it comes with a lot of great benefits including convenient hands-free use and simple and easy installation.

It has two primary shower settings that meet pretty much everyone’s needs. The Delta 75152 features H20 kinetic technology which uses the shower head to store water and then pushes it out through its microjets. These microjets produce an incredibly strong stream of water which gives you a great showering experience, even though it is using less water. Even though the Delta 75152 only uses 1.85 gallons of water a minute, your showering time will be just as good as if you were using any other shower head.

The Delta 75152 has several great features including eco modes and spray patterns. You can also save money by choosing either the standard water saving water stream or you can restrict water use and save up to 70% of the amount of water you would typically use. It comes with a restrictor valve that limits water flow to 2.5 gallons a minute that is a standard plumbing regulation, or you can further restrict the water flow to 1.85 gallons per minute. The lower rate still gives you a comfortable spray while saving on water and energy while the higher flow rate produces a more robust spray.

There are four different shower settings to choose from that include massage, full body spray, and a pause setting. The pause setting lets you save water during the time you shampoo your hair, so there is no need to turn off the shower. This not only saves water and energy, but you don’t even have to wait for the water to warm up when you start the water stream again.

Made from durable materials, the Delta 75152 is strong and sturdy with a sleek look that features a polished chrome finish. This is a great choice if you have a modern bathroom style as it will match your other polished chrome fittings and faucets.

This shower head also comes with full installation instructions and no-tools installation process making installation easy and quick with no need to contact a professional.

Overall, this is great money saving shower head that has all the power you want while using water saving technology. The Delta 75152 allows you to customize your shower experience with several spray patterns to choose from so everyone in your family can enjoy their own personal preferences. The sleek chrome finish with its modern design will look great in any bathroom, and the simple installation will also save you money by allowing you, not a plumber, to take care of the installation.


  • Has water efficient and clog-free design
  • Easy to connect to standard plumbing connections
  • Arm mount has a 360-degree shower rotation


  • This is a fixed shower head on a stationary mount, so you do not have the freedom to move around the shower
  • Comes with only two shower modes


2. Speakman S-2005-HB Shower Head

If you are looking for a good value that will save you on water and energy, the Speakman S-2005-HB has a lot of great benefits that will save you money and help the environment.

The Speakman S-2005-HB has a self-cleaning nozzle, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning either the outside or the inner workings of the shower head as it is resistant to scaling and other contaminations.

The Speakman S-2005-HB will fit in well with any modern bathroom as the high-quality polished chrome finish will match perfectly any of your existing polished chrome fittings and fixtures that you may have, plus it will work with any modern bathroom désign.

The built-in restrictor valve will help you save water and energy as you can be sure that your water flow will not go over 2.5 gallons a minute. This low amount of water will not make a difference in the strength of the water stream when you compare it to a standard shower head.

Also, neutralizing chlorine in the water supply of your shower will allow you to have softer and more youthful looking hair and skin. Since there will be less mineral buildup in your showerhead, you will have less maintenance in the shower unit.

The Speakman S-2005-HB also features patented technology with the Anystream 360 degree design that provides full-body sprays. This is a showerhead that will last you a long time, so it perfect to include in any remodeling projects as it is designed to give you the most out of your purchase.

Not only is it a good value, but it will also give you the cleanest water possible by removing harmful chlorine and any mineral impurities from your water. It has five different spray settings that allow you to create up to fifty body jet streams with eight pulsating massage sprays providing a customizable and invigorating shower experience.

The Speakman S-2005-HB is designed to have consistent performance even if your water pressure becomes low. It is restricted to use 2.5 gallons of water per minute to meet U.S. plumbing regulations which also helps you save energy. Plus, the water flows control guarantees just the right amount of water will always come out of the shower head.

This is a durable and heat resistant wall mount shower head that is made from lightweight plastic that gives you a convenient and hands-free showering experience. With its removable water restrictor, you have the option of taking the water restrictor out if it starts to produce a weak water stream to allow more water to the shower head.

This is an overall high-quality shower head that provides several spray options for an enjoyable showering experience. It has a simple and stylish look with a fixed shower head that can give you either high or low-pressure water consumption, so it is an affordable option for any type of budget.


  • Easy to switch through the five spray setting
  • Wall mount makes it convenient and hands-free
  • Equipped with fifty powerful body spray nozzles


  • Shower face is small providing a narrower spray than some like in comparison to a wider rainfall shower head

3. Vida Alegría Spashower Shower Head

If you are dealing with low water pressure, having a shower head with a removable flow restrictor can be very handy.The Vida Alegria Spashower comes with a two part removable flow restrictor that is easy to take out.

The Spashower features a hi-tech ABS design that provides clean water while repelling hard water to keep your shower head looking clean all the time.

The Spashower has easy to declog silicone jets, plus it has a connector and ball joint made of solid brass that won’t crack or leak. It is quick and easy to install with simple to follow instructions, including detail instructions on removing the flow restrictor.

The 5+ spray modes can be adjusted with just one hand that include gentle rinse, full rotating message, drizzle mode, drenching rain, and two mix modes. Plus, the drizzle mode saves water, and it is perfect when you use hair products on long hair and need time to work the product in. This is also really a great shower head for your home as well as for boats and RVs.

Instead of using a cheap plastic construction that can break easily like most shower heads, the Spashower has a solid brass ball joint that prevents the shower head for detaching, cracking, and breaking over time. It will always stay exactly where you need it to stay.

Overall, this shower head gives you a strong spray with a lot of power. The high-quality Spashower has great style with a relaxing, easy to adjust spray modes that will give you an invigorating shower experience.


  • Hotel quality shower head, different modes are great for a family
  • Very durable with tank-like construction
  • Really strong pressure, no need to remove the restrictor


  • Has a pretty narrow spray for some people
  • A little on the loud side

4. Fire Hydrant Spa Massager Shower Head

With a design that is similar to the Speakman shower head, the Original Fire Hydrant Spa Shower Head has a high-pressure head that is definitely competition in the high-pressure shower head market. It comes with three settings that provide enough versatility for everyone in the family.

Like the Speakman, this shower head comes with 3 unique settings that should provide enough versatility to keep just about anyone happy. The settings includes a deep rinse that will help you flush out all those hard to reach areas, and the regular shower setting features laminar-flow jets that give you more body coverage than you would typically see with a shower head of this size.

You can easily remove the restrictor valve for a customized shower experience, but the water pressure is consistent with other high-pressure shower heads that you will find on the market. The Fire Hydrant Spa Shower Head includes some of the most recent improvements on the market, and it works well whether you have city water or a well. With any pressure level, you will get a strong, powerful, and invigorating shower with a fully adjustable spray.

You can enjoy several reviving spray patterns or a strong, stimulating massage, or a combination of both. The solid brass ball joint will ensure that the Fire Hydrant Spa Shower Head connects securely to your shower arm allowing you to easily aim, position, and change your spray angle.

Overall, a good alternative to the Speakman with an easily removable restrictor valve and versatile spray setting options to make everyone in your family happy. It also features many of the most recent improvements in the shower head industry making it a stand out among it competitors.


  • A good alternative to high-end shower heads with a basic design
  • Setting options are a great feature
  • Makes a huge difference when you are dealing with low water pressure


  • Best way to get a strong stream of water is placing it on the pulsating jet setting

5. Speakman S-2252 High-Pressure Shower Head

Speakman S-2252 High-Pressure Shower Head


If you want a shower experience that stays with you all day, the Speakman’s S-2252 has the patented Anystream 360 degree technology that makes it versatile and unique. Its adjustable head lets you adjust spray patterns by easily spinning the handle a complete 360 degrees in either direction.

The Speakman S-2252 is made of a durable and solid brass that guarantees quality with a chrome polished finish that will complement any bathroom design. This simply beautiful shower head will be a long-lasting bathroom accessory that includes six adjustable jets that give you 48 different sprays.

Even with low water pressure, the Speakman S-2252 has enough power to give you consistent spray, a massaging intense spray, or enjoy an indulgent soaking drench pattern. By combining individual streams you get full spray coverage with each specifically positioned plunger. The Speakman has a 2.5 GPM flow control that comes outfitted with a self-cleaning nozzle and its patented plunger system. Each spray generates intensity and high power that boosts the water pressure in low-pressure areas.

Overall, the Speakman S-2252 features a traditional and timeless design that includes technological upgrades that will change your idea of how to take a shower. Its long lasting solid brass construction will last you a long time making this an investment that is worth making.


  • The jets are a great feature that customers love
  • Solid construction, not an overrated product by any means
  • Worth the investment for a product that will be with you awhile


  • Spray patterns don’t quite match the diagrams on the box
  • It can be necessary to remove the flow restrictor to get the higher pressure

6. WantBa 6 Inches Massage Shower Head

WantBa 6 Inches Massage Shower Head


The WantBa 6 contains 57 laminar-flow jets that are the ideal mix of a rainfall and jet shower head. The WantBa 6 is attached right onto your shower stall, and it contains a 6” diameter head that will get you completely clean with its high-pressure jets.

The WantBa 6 has the highest limit possible at 2.5 GPM, and it also has high customer reviews of its impressive performance. Like pretty much all regular fixed shower heads, the WantBa features a swivel head so you can simply aim the water to your preferred location for your best shower experience. This is easy to assemble and disassemble shower head for cleaning and removing build-up and debris.

The six-inch wide shower head face has 57 jets for a broad spray, and a metal swivel ball lets you easily adjust the shower head angle. The WantBa 6 easily fits standard U.S. plumbing connection and features 2.5 GPM flow control. Even with low water pressure, you will get a consistent and powerful spray that is the same as the water quality you would find in hotels. You will notice a big difference in your water flow which you will appreciate when it comes time to rinse out shampoo and conditioner from really long and thick hair.

Easy disassembly gives you the opportunity to remove and clean out debris and deposits that build up from the high-grade ABS material and rubber nozzles. If you enjoy a spa-like shower experience, you know, like a fancy upgraded hotel room, the WantBa 6 is an improved showering experience like you haven’t experienced before.

Overall, a well-respected shower head features a laminar-flow jet that gives you incredible versatility and performance. It is easy to disassemble and clean, and it gives you the same spa-like experience you find at hotels.


  • High-rated high-pressure shower head that performs well in the toughest conditions
  • Really good water coverage, easy installation
  • Affordable and easy to clean


  • Doesn’t feature individual settings
  • Very noisy

7. High Sierra 1.5 GPM High-Efficiency Low Flow Shower Head

High Sierra 1.5 GPM High-Efficiency Low Flow Shower Head


For a powerful shower experience with large water drops, the High Sierra Shower Head has a limited output to just 1.5 GPM and a spray guard that helps to keep the water focused.

This is a certified Green product due to its compact design and its water-saving features help you to save up to 1,700 gallons of water each year. This shower head will give you the best stream possible, so you can enjoy your shower every day.

The patented FCS nozzle produces a strong spray with the low flow shower head combination that doesn’t seem to clog. This shower head is small and compact making it very easy to clean. Plus, it is made of solid metal, not plastic like other shower heads, and it has a solid chrome finish that is resistant to corrosion.

This is an easy to install a shower head that only takes a few seconds to remove your old showerhead and place the new one on. It provides large drops of water with a great spray, although the spray is compact and not completely covering the body.

If you like saving money, the High Sierra Shower Head will help you save on your water bill each month or if you are environmentally conscious and want to conserve water with an environmentally friendly design that lets you achieve your own conservation goals in a distinct way.

The solid metal construction gives you better durability and performance than it’s plastic shower head competition, and the polished chrome finish will work well with any bathroom design. It is WaterSense certified, and it will help you save up to 40% or more on your water and energy bills.

As a Green Product, it not only saves water and energy but because of its compact design it is a great choice for homeowners, apartment owners, schools, hotels, health clubs and anyone that is looking for a cost-effective method to conserve energy and water while providing an incredible shower experience.

Overall, the High Sierra Shower Head is a great choice for those that are energy and water conscious. Not only does it help save the environment, but it also provides a great shower experience with a strong and exhilarating full spray that is not going to clog on you. This is a Green product that is durable and compact making it a perfect choice for any bathroom.


  • Strong, invigorating spray that does not clog
  • Has large drops with a full spray
  • Saves you money on water and energy to heat the water


  • Narrow spray that does not cover the entire body

High-Pressure Shower Head Features

There are several characteristics to look for in a high-pressure shower head that can make a big difference in your showering experience.

Narrow vs. Wide

Depending on how low your water pressure is, you may want to choose a head size that is narrower. Not only will this give you a smaller spray area, but it will also give you a much stronger shower.

Rate of Water Flow

Outside of taking out the flow restrictor on your shower head to improve pressure and water flow, you can also look at the rate of water flow that your new shower head has. The maximum rate of water flow that is legally allowed is 2.5 gallon per minute, but you will actually find that many of the better high-pressure shower heads that were created specifically for low flow situations use only 1.5-1.75 gallons per minute.


A good rule of thumb is to stick with well-known manufacturers. There are many parts involved in a high-pressure shower head, like the pressure chamber, and you will want to make sure that they all last so you will be able to enjoy your shower for many years.

Aerated vs. Laminar-Flow Showerheads

Depending on your climate, you may have different climatic influences than other people. The best way to respond to this situation is to get a shower head that has two different spray types, aerated and Laminar-flow.

An aerated shower head will infuse the air when the water is pouring out the holes and onto your body while you shower. This gives you high-pressure water in every area where there are issues with water pressure. They also are known to effectively clean different areas of your body, and they are also very useful if you live in dry conditions. In a humid climate, aerated shower heads will emit steam which can be good for people that have chronic coughs, but it also encourages fungus and mildew to grow.

The Laminar-flow shower head can be used in any type of climate. There is an even distribution of water that comes from a uniform spray that washes your entire body with the Laminar-flow shower head.

Rainfall vs. Jet Shower Heads

A “Jet” spray showerhead will give you several spraying patterns that may or may not include rainfall. These are relaxing shower heads, but they often become monotonous over time.

Since these are fixed in place, they are often difficult to clean. Jet shower heads are often self-cleaning, but they can also be on the expensive side.


As with any type of fixture, shower heads are made of different materials and have different finishes including:

  • Chrome
  • ABS Plastic
  • Ceramic
  • Gold Plated
  • Brushed Nickel

The most common materials are plastic, but if you prefer a more lavish look, any of the other finishes are a good choice. You do want to make sure that the shower head you choose is mildew and corrosion resistant. Remember that purchasing a shower head is a long-term investment, and you don’t want to have to deal with something that breaks a lot.
There are many other features that are part of a shower head including:

  • The ability to swivel to different angles
  • Different spray patterns
  • Dual shower heads that are a combination of a handheld and fixed mount shower
  • Handheld shower heads that are connected to an extendable hose

Features to consider when purchasing the shower head

Spray Patterns

This is a preference call. Some people enjoy an invigorating spray and others prefer a soft rain shower to flow over them. A pulsing massage jet can be a great choice at the end of a hard day while you may need a normal wide spray to wake you up in the morning.

Make sure whatever your preference that the shower head you choose has that setting and does it well. If there are other people that will be using the shower, you also need to consider the settings that they prefer as most people do have a single setting that they stick with and make sure that the shower head works for all of you.


There are shower heads that are better for people who are really tall and those that are really short. When you have larger shower heads, they can hang down too far for a tall user to be able to stand beneath it. Others can be so high up a shorter person can’t reach up to change the settings on it. It’s always a good idea to measure your shower area to make sure that the angle and height of the shower head will work for you once it is installed.

Extension Arm

Extension arms are helpful if your shower head is placed too far from you or if you have high ceilings. A shower arm pipe extension can be found in the plumbing department at your local hardware store. They are simple to install and many manufacturers have a recommended extension arm for their specific shower heads.

Final Words

All of the shower heads on our list have several similarities and features, so it really comes down to your bathroom size and the most important benefits that you want from your high-pressure shower head. Remember, high-pressure showers and their features aren’t for everyone, so make sure when you are looking at the best high-pressure shower heads, the one that you choose has the shower modes that you will appreciate the most.