10 Best Dual Shower Heads

Looking for the best dual shower heads?

However, picking a good shower head is a bit difficult because of the huge options available in the market.

That is why we have put together a list of the best dual shower heads 2019.

Take a look below:

Best Dual Shower Heads 2019

Hydroluxe Full-Chrome
(Editor's Pick)
2.5 gpm5 Check Price
AquaDance2.5 gpm6 Check Price
WantBa2.5 gpm5 Check Price
AKDY2.5 gpm at 72.2 psi4 Check Price
Ana Bath2.3 gpm at 80 psi3 Check Price
Hydroluxe Deluxe 2.5 gpm5 Check Price
Freehander2.5 gpm at 80 psi3 Check Price

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Hydroluxe Full-Chrome1. Hydroluxe Full-Chrome

Our top pick, and the first Hydroluxe to make it on the list is the Full-Chrome model. This dual shower head gets a solid “B+” in most categories without any other quality dropping below a “C.” In fact, most of the knocks against this product are more inconveniences than definite flaws, while the breadth of options makes this entry a winner.

First and foremost, the Hydroluxe beats out its competition by providing value. This is determined by the features and quality of showering experience compared to its price. As the second cheapest option on this list, second only to the other Hydroluxe, it does an admirable job not skimping out on features.

For one, the patented 3-way water diverter is an unsung hero. One of the biggest gripes of the other entries on this list, excepting the Freehander, is a lack of control when it comes to water pressure being distributed between the two water heads.

That issue is often caused by the other products relying on a 2-way water diverter which allows you to either push water to both shower heads simultaneously or only the main shower head. Conversely, some 2-way water diverters either pump water through one shower head or the other at a time. That is where the 3-way water diverter pushes the Hydroluxe above its competitors.

With the 3-way water diverter, the hydroluxe is able to accommodate any combination of shower head functioning. You can run the main shower head alone, the detachable shower head alone, or both simultaneously.

However, it should be noted that running both shower heads simultaneously will cause a drop in water pressure. This is even more relevant if you intend to use the rain and power spray settings, one for each shower head, simultaneously.

Still, combine this quality with an excellent range of spray options and a good, though not great, spray coverage, and you are hard pressed to find a dual shower head that can provide an amazing showering experience for such a broad range of consumer tastes.


  • This dual shower head does have some limitations, but it checks so many boxes at such a good price that it is superior to most competitors in terms of value alone.
  • The 3-way water diverter allows more flexibility when selecting which shower head you want working and how much water you want being driven to it.
  • Made out of mostly ABS plastic, the shower head is rust-proof and resistant to bacterial or contaminant build up while maintaining structural integrity.


  • Depending on the settings you choose and the distribution between the two heads, you may not be fully satisfied with the water pressure.
  • The pause spray setting on the second head is not reliable and will regularly allow dripping to continue. This is especially relevant in regions which strictly limit water usage.
  • The control valve is not ideally placed. Set behind the shower head, it is easy to confuse it for another control and will not be the easiest to reach for those with physical limitations.

AquaDance2. AquaDance

The AquaDance is so close to being number one on this list, it can taste it. In fact, it does a number of things better than the Hydroluxe and offers more features. However, it also costs almost 50 percent more, and the AquaDance’s features are not 50 percent better than those on the Hydroluxe.

Still, if you find the Hydroluxe a bit underwhelming and are not interested in the additional cost, the AquaDance will like hit all the spots the Hydroluxe misses.This should be taken literally too.

In terms of spray coverage area which is often one of, if not, the most important qualities of a pleasurable showering experience, the AquaDance cannot be beat. While its main shower head is not the largest on this list, it is the second largest with an impressive 7” face diameter. However, with a 4” detachable shower head face diameter, the AquaDance provides the most total spray coverage out of any entry on our list.

Unfortunately, all of this coverage does come at a cost. First, despite having a much larger head than most of its competitors, the AquaDance also sports fewer jets. While this will not actually impact the spray coverage per se, it will decrease the immersive quality of that coverage.

As such, you may not feel as though the coverage is as broad as it actually is. This also creates an issue with temperatures control.

Aside from the fact that there are fewer jets, the jets themselves also shoot water in thinner streams, This combination of fewer jets and thinner streams leaves some consumers having to use hotter water for the same experience as other products.

To keep up its trend of providing more than its competitors, the AquaDance also offers 6 different spray patterns. While it is unlikely that you will use all of them and instead probably stick with 2 or three, the fact that you are provided a variety of options cannot be underappreciated.


  • The main shower head is an extra-large 7” and the second largest shower head on this list. This provides an excellent coverage are whether near or far from the faucet.
  • The secondary shower head may be more impressive with a 4” head that can only be matched by the Hydroluxe or the Ana Bath in providing spray coverage.
  • Offers more spray patterns than any other product on our list which allows you more specificity when identifying the pattern you prefer.


  • The streams of water produced by the jets are fairly small and do not necessarily hold heat as well as some would prefer.
  • While the heads are fairly large compared to their competitors, they also have fewer jets. Thus, the spray coverage will still be solid, but it will also be less immersive.
  • Due to its size, the main head pushes a lot of water which can be loud if you also use a high-pressure spray pattern.

WantBa3. WantBa

The WantBa is not for everyone. It seeks to maximize some features over others and is best suited for consumers who are looking for a particular type of shower experience.

One of the glaring limitations of the WantBa is its surface coverage. There is no easy way to put it, so the WantBa has the smallest spray coverage on this list.
With a main shower head face of 3.5” in diameter and a detachable shower head face of only 3” in diameter, broader shouldered consumers will likely be unsatisfied with the WantBa’s spray coverage.

However, this “flaw” should be seen more as a compromise than an actual failure. While the spray coverage is diminished, the WantBa’s water pressure is excellent. Able to focus the water flow more effectively, this allows the WantBa to provide quality water pressure from both shower heads simultaneously which is often a problem for some of its competitors.

Moreover, the WantBa’s smaller face diameter allows even the detachable shower head to provide superb water pressure. This creates a scenario where you can use a rainfall spray pattern with the main shower head while soothing achy muscles with the detachable shower head on a massage spray pattern without losing pressure.

In fact, if you are so inclined, you can actually run both shower heads on the massage spray pattern without issue or a drop in water pressure. Quite frankly, no other product on this list can do that.

As an added bonus, the WantBa also features 5 different spray patterns, and unlike some of its competitors, the pause function is not counted as one of the spray patterns. Of course, this is a mixed blessing as the only way to pause the detachable shower head is to actually close the valve with the 2-way water diverter.


  • All five of the spray patterns are directly related to the actual spray and do not count the pause function as a pattern. This arguably provides more patterns than its competitors.
  • The water pressure is maintained even when both heads are in use, something that is a noted absence and flaw with many of its competitors.
  • Due to the focused spray patterns and the high pressure, the massage feature is especially effective with this product compared to its competitors.


  • The shower head faces are the smallest on our list with the main head coming in at 3.5” and the detachable head only 3”. This will affect spray coverage, especially close to the heads.
  • The spray coverage is not aided by the number of jets or their position, which is average, and requires a clearance of 3’ to be ideally effective.
  • If the heads are mounted the advised 3’ distance from your showering position, the water temperature will be more difficult to maintain and require using higher temperatures.


The AKDY, much like the WantBa, is an excellent dual shower head with a few faults that relies on satisfying a smaller market demographic with a more niche showering experience.

One thing that stands out about the AKDY is its main shower head spray coverage. The monster 9” diameter shower has face is the largest on our list and is so big it is close to a shower panel in design.

This means that even the broadest of consumers will be satisfied with the breadth of its spray coverage. However, where the main shower head shine in terms of spray coverage, the detachable shower head filters.

The AKDY’s detachable shower head uses a wand-shaped design. This present a few advantages, but it ultimately translates to a smaller spray coverage. As such, you are left with a choice between feast and famine.

Ultimately, the detachable head is well-suited for getting at those hard to reach spots and its unique design will even allow better access. Still, you are unlikely to be satisfied using just the detachable head unless it is for a quick rinse off.

This would not be much of a problem, but the AKDY also pushes the lowest amount of water pressure, at 72.2 psi, on the list. Ultimately, running both shower heads simultaneously will further decrease the water pressure.

Furthermore, the AKDY only offers 4 different spray patterns, and the “massaging” spray pattern only functions on the main shower head. This removes the possibility of maintaining a broad spray coverage area while simultaneously utilizing a massage spray pattern.

However, this is likely an intentional design choice as the jet arrangement and quantity seem to imply that the AKDY is designed to focus on spray coverage to the exclusivity of everything else.

With a main shower head that sports 118 high-efficiency nozzles and 6 high-powered jets while the detachable shower head provides 60 nozzles and a single waterfall outlet, the AKDY does not suffer from the lack of immersion one might feel when using the AquaDance.


  • The main head comes in at a huge 9”, which is by far the largest head on our list and provides the broadest coverage area.
  • The main head also sports 118 high-efficiency nozzles as well as 6 high-powered jets ensuring that the coverage is not only broad but immersive as well.
  • The shower head design for both the main and detachable heads are unique in a broad rectangular and slim wand style respectively.


  • With only four different spray patterns, this product is on the lower end of the list in that regard.
  • While the main shower head may provide the widest coverage area, the detachable wand head provides the least.
  • At only 72.2 psi, the water pressure is less than most of its competitors and will suffer even more in low-pressure areas.

5. Ana Bath SS5450CBN Ana Bath

The Ana Bath is similar to both the Hydroluxe and the Aquadance in many respects. However, it also comes with a few caveats and omissions when compared to those options as well.

First, the Ana Bath provides a solid spray coverage, though nowhere as expensive as the Aquadance or AKDY, with both shower head faces measuring 5” in diameter. This allows a total of 10” of spray coverage when both shower heads are running simultaneously.

Of course, do to the differing positions of the shower heads, this does not translate to a total larger spray coverage while mounted. However, it does mean that you can have a more consistent spray coverage should you hold the detachable shower head and run them both simultaneously.

To provide additional value, the Ana Bath is able to maintain a consistent water pressure while only using 2.33 gpm–the least out of the products on this list. This will end up saving you money on your water bill when compared to the Ana Bath’s competitors.

Unfortunately, that brings us to another major caveat of the Ana Bath: its price. At more than double the cost of the Hydroluxe and nearly that of the AquaDance, the Ana Bath simply does not offer a shower experience that is twice as good.

It is exceedingly difficult to justify investing that much more in a product whose quality is not as appreciably better. This unbalanced value is further highlighted by the fact that the Ana Bath offers the fewest number of spray patterns, tied with the Freehander.

Another issue with the Ana Bath that it shares with the Freehander, though not to the same degree, is installation. While you do not need to worry about mounting the Ana Bath to your wall separately, the assembly required, coupled with the frustratingly obtuse instructions, is more of a headache than it is worth.


  • Even with a decent sized detachable shower head face diameter, the water pressure does not decrease when both faucets are open.
  • The solid water pressure is further complemented by the heads only using 2.33 gpm which will allow to save a bit more on your water bill compared to the other products.
  • With both heads having a 5” face diameter, your spray coverage when using both heads is superb, though using only a single may not be as stellar.


  • The shower head’s swiveling mechanism sits on top of the diverter and has been known to strip the threads which raises durability concerns.
  • The installation, while not exceptionally difficult, is more complicated than with most other entries on this list–especially when installing the diverter.
  • With only 3 spray pattern options, the Ana Bath is tied for the fewest spray patterns on this list which may not be ideal for some consumers.

Hydroluxe Deluxe6. Hydroluxe Deluxe

The second Hydroluxe on this list is incredibly similar to the first with some minor differences. Ultimately, the deciding factor is that this is a newer model, and while it does report to be a great product, the other Hydroluxe is a known product.

Much like the other version, this Hydroluxe also sports the patented 3-way water diverter to provide the most flexibility of options when determining the array of water sources. Moreover, this Hydroluxe also comes with the same spray patterns giving you the choice for what you want.

However, the same faults from the previous model carry over to this one as well. When using both showerheads simultaneously, there will be a noticeable drop in water pressure. Moreover, the face diameters of this Hydroluxe are also 4” which is adequate but nearly as robust as some of the other options on this list.

One major difference are the faces themselves. This Hydroluxe features a rubberized material that is designed to prevent the buildup of lime deposits and be easier to clean. Also, the warranty for this version is superior to other in that this one offers a limited lifetime warranty whereas the other only lasts for 10 years.

Still, the control valve is awkwardly placed, much as with the other model, which can make adjusting the Deluxe a bit difficult for shorter consumers or those with flexibility issues. And again, the pause function of the Deluxe does not truly shut off the water flow which is ultimately wasteful and prevents the savings to your water bill that other options might provide.

Still, the Deluxe checks off the same boxes while throwing in a few advantages. As icing on the cake, this model is actually priced a bit lower than the other model, though the difference is negligible and not necessarily standard in all cases.


  • The shower head faces are made out of a rubberized material which makes cleaning them much easier and contributes to longer lasting durability.
  • A patented 3-way water diverter allows you more freedom when determining the amount of water flowing to the shower heads and which heads operate at what capacity.
  • With 5 different types of spray patterns, you are afforded more options when determining what is important whether it is spray coverage, water conservation, or jet pressure.


  • Depending on the settings you choose and the distribution between the two heads, you may not be fully satisfied with the water pressure.
  • The pause spray setting on the second head is not reliable and will regularly allow dripping to continue. This is especially relevant in regions which strictly limit water usage.
  • The control valve is not ideally placed. Set behind the shower head, it is easy to confuse it for another control and will not be the easiest to reach for those with physical limitations.

Freehander7. Freehander

This product makes our list for one reason and one reason only: dependability. There are so many areas where the Freehander drops the ball when compared to the other options on this list, but if you want a product that was designed to last for the long haul, the Freehander is your best option.

Made by Grohe, a trusted name in fixtures, this dual shower head cannot be beaten in the realm of water pressure. Moreover, it does not matter what settings you choose or whether or not you run both shower heads simultaneously. When you turn on the water, the pressure will remain constant.

Moreover, the Freehander employs a similar shower face as the Hydroluxe Deluxe. The Freehander’s patented SuperClean face is explicitly designed to prevent lime build up and can be wiped clean. You will not have to worry about disassembling the face to clean the outside as you can literally wipe of any buildup with your finger while the shower head is in use.

Speaking of assembly, this is one of the Freehander’s biggest flaws. Unlike the other options on this list, you cannot simply screw this dual shower head into an existing mount. Instead, you must mount the Freehander to your wall using a specially provided bracket.

For those of you who are not mechanically inclined, this will entail paying someone else to mount the Freehander for you. This brings us to the other major flaw of the Freehander: the price.

At more than 10 times the cost of the Hydroluxe, you could buy numerous units of other options on this list as a back up. In this regard, you are essentially paying a great deal more to set it and forget it.


  • This shower head combo features the most consistent water pressure regardless of whether or not both heads are used simultaneously.
  • The patented SpeedClean system makes cleanup far easier than with its competitors and improves the durability of this shower head.
  • The number of positions the two shower heads can face is limited only by your precision as the 180 degree swivel offers nearly limitless possibilities.


  • The second head is not detachable which makes this shower head less than ideal for people who need assistance getting at hard to reach areas.
  • Both shower head faces are only 4” in diameter which makes this the second smallest shower head on the list and limits the spray coverage.
  • Tied with the Ana Bath for the fewest number of spray patterns, the Freehander is even more limited due to the absence of a detachable head.
  • Installation is far more involved than with the other entries on this list and requires you to install a wall mounted bracket in your shower. Some consumer may require assistance when installing.
  • This is by far the most expensive option on the list, costing many times more than any of the others. The fact that it is limited in many ways compared to others makes that decision a bit of a head-scratcher, though it is noted for being more durable. You will have to weigh heavily whether or not the reliability and durability are worth that kind of investment.

Buyer’s Guide:

Show heads seem pretty simple, right? Turn on the faucet and the water comes out. However, there are numerous specifications and details that can greatly impact your overall showering experience.

Of course, figuring out what those specifications mean and which features are worth the extra cost is time-consuming and not something easily done in the midst of browsing. That is why we have scoured various dual shower head reviews in search of what it is that separates a great shower head from a good one.

We will walk you through the most relevant features of shower heads and provide you with an applicable understanding of how they affect your experience. Moreover, we identify which ones are vital and which are merely nice to have.

Water Efficiency:

This feature serves one purpose regardless of where you live and my serve more depending. For everyone, this will impact your water bill. Unless you have a washing machine at home with a large enough family to keep it in constant use, chances are that showering constitutes your single greatest use of water in your household. If your shower head is able to conserve water use, your water bill can be cut in half.

This quality becomes even more important if you live in a region or municipality that places strict conservation policies on water use. For instance, consumers in California are quite familiar with increased restriction on at-home water use. In fact, any region stricken by drought will likely identify this as a primary concern.


In terms of considerations, installation generally comes in two flavors. You must determine where the shower head must be installed and to what extent it can be done so easily.

The first factor is less relevant to this list as all of the options suggest a single installation position. Our dual shower head picks all sport the option of installing directly into your existing shower line.

However, you should be forewarned that depending on the size of your shower, this may present problems. You will especially need to make sure the ceiling offers enough clearance for some models.

The second factor to consider is whether or not the existing shower lines are sufficient to feed the new shower head. Thankfully, none of the options on this list require that degree of installation, though some do require more than a simple screwing in of the head to the line.


This feature serves one purpose regardless of where you live and my serve more depending. For everyone, this will impact your water bill. This is often one of the more attractive qualities of a shower head, whether dual or otherwise, that draws a person to choose one over the other. However, for most people, this quality serves more for flash than substance. Different spray patterns definitely have their uses. A massage function can ease sore muscles. A misting function can conserve water. A rainfall function can provide full coverage with low pressure.

However, it is often more common that individuals will use one setting most of the time while only occasionally changing it. In this regard, a shower head with half a dozen settings sounds nice in theory but will rarely have the opportunity to utilize them consistently enough to justify their weight as a purchasing consideration.

Unless you have a specific condition, whether personally or otherwise, that demands a different type of setting than is standard, this should not be your primary focus. Of course, this feature can break a tie between two equally appropriate options.

Best Dual Shower HeadDetachable Heads:

This quality has become more and more common in the West and was started by Scandinavian designers. However, the shower heads themselves are not designed to come unattached to the shower line.

Instead, the head is connected to a bendable hose and held in place with a mount. Most dual headed shower heads come with this type of head as the secondary head.

While not a necessity, this type of shower head can be useful for getting to those hard to reach areas. This function is especially useful for elderly people who may have trouble bending and stretching in the confines of a shower.

As such, it is not as important a factor as others but may be made more of a priority depending on your personal circumstances. Be forewarned, the detachable head of a dual headed shower often employs less water pressure than the main head.

Spray Coverage:

This quality can be difficult to quantify as it relies on a number of variables which are rarely standardized. Essentially, everyone’s home is different, and those differences will impact the spray coverage. At its base, the spray coverage is the area of spray as it reaches your body. In general, the larger the area of the spray coverage the better.

Of course, where the shower head is positioned in your shower and how far away you stand from it will both impact spray coverage. Still, there are a couple ways to get a rough estimate of the shower head’s spray coverage regardless its position.

The number of jets a shower head employs can provide some insight into its spray coverage. The more jets, generally the more coverage.

However, the diameter of the shower may actually be more relevant to spray coverage than the number of jets. A broader shower head will often cover more are–though, a broad shower head with few jets rarely produces as satisfactory an experience.

Pressure Strength:

This factor is incredibly important in determining the quality of your showering experience. Unfortunately, there truly is no standard that everyone will like.Some people will prefer more pressure while other will prefer less. Often, people with sensitive skin will not appreciate highly pressurized shower sprays. Conversely, those who seek muscle relaxation will desire higher pressurized sprays.

Ultimately, it is better to have a shower head that can alter the pressure depending on the situation. Often different types of spray patterns can accomplish this, though that is less ideal. Instead, a knob or some other valve is better suited to control water pressure as it is more consistent and allows you maintain your desired spray pattern.

Safety Features:

It might seem odd, but many shower heads are being built with embedded safety features. However, the most common safety feature involves controlling the temperature of the water.

The most basic temperature control is a mixing valve, though contemporary designs are moving away from this as it still presents the potential to scald you.

Pressure balance valves allow the head to maintain a constant temperature. This is especially useful for children who may mess with the temperature. New construction will see anti-scald pressure valves. These works wonderfully in preventing unexpected burns but can cause issues with water pressure.

Finally, thermostatic valves provide both a constant temperature and a constant pressure. However, they are often far more expensive than the other types of valves.
While you generally will not need to replace these valves when installing a new shower head, the valve connected to your water line may influence which head you choose–especially depending on the head’s water pressure value.

Additional Features:

These can be nice and may push you over the edge when trying to decide between two products of equal measure, but additional features should not be a primary factor when choosing a shower head. Ultimately, these features will provide additional convenience but rarely impact the showering experience in a major way.

For example, some shower heads offer a built-in wireless speaker. This allows you to play music directly from the head while you shower. Some of the more advanced speaker shower heads will even include a two-way microphone to answer a call. However, a shower head without adequate pressure or spray coverage will create a miserable experience–regardless the music playing or call answering abilities.

One extra feature that may stand out above others is anything that aids in cleaning or preserving the shower head. This makes maintenance easier and will extend the life of your shower head.

Ease of Use:

For standard, single shower heads, this factor has a floor that must be met, but you can ignore any ease beyond this as a primary influencing feature. For dual shower heads, however, this can be a far more important quality.

Dual shower heads will often include three or more points of control. You may be required to set the first head, the second head, and a valve controlling the water between them.

In this regard, the controls should be intuitive, easy to manipulate, and reliable. This is especially relevant for the main shower head and the controlling valve.
Should the main shower head prove difficult to adjust, you will likely become more frustrated than the product is worth and better left finding a replacement.

Along the same lines, any shower head that provides multiple spray patterns should be able to switch from one to the other quickly and easily. This is especially important if you suffer from diminished hand strength.


This should be a primary concern when choosing a shower head since you are likely to use it often over the course of a long period of time. However, the durability of a shower head can be difficult to determine.

While the materials of a shower head are a good place to start, it is often the ones you do not see that are the most important. Rust-proof finishes are vital to maintaining the integrity of a shower head, but the internal components often impact the showering experience more in the long run.

The sealant and limiters of shower heads should be made of rot-proof rubbers or other materials that effectively seal water without succumbing to corrosive influences. Moreover, the jets should be easy to clean and resist buildup of contaminants and other deposits which may alter or block their stream.


Price is a major factor in most purchases, even if the product’s market is generally considered cheap. This truism hold for the shower head market as well. However, the price is not necessarily an indicator of quality. This may be especially true of the shower head market where prices can vary widely without a significant difference in the products themselves.

Ultimately, you will have to determine your ceiling in price and weigh what qualities are worth an additional investment. Shower heads with extra features that are convenient but mostly irrelevant to the quality of the showering experience will often increase the price tag.

Materials and aesthetics can also influence the cost of your showerhead. Finally, as with most products, popular brands are often able to charge more simply due to market visibility.


With none of the shower heads on this list diverging from each other too far, determining the best option from all of the “best dual shower head reviews” can be difficult. Ultimately, our decision comes down to options weighed against the price.

With Hydroluxe outperforming many of its competitors in a variety of categories depending on the make and model, its lower price ultimately became the deciding factor. With a solid provision of spray patterns and an adequate, if unspectacular, spray coverage, the primary needs for a quality showering experience are met. Combine the fact that it meets or exceeds most of the other option’s standards without displaying many of their flaws, and you have the best of the best dual shower heads.