10 Best Filtered Water Bottles

Do you hate drinking tap water because it may taste a bit off depending on the tap that it comes from?

Then, filtered water may be just what you are looking for.

This guide covers pretty much everything you need to know about purchasing a filtered water bottle.

Let’s first look at our top picks:

1. LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle with 2-Stage Integrated Filter Straw – Editor’s Choice


The Lifestraw Go is a water bottle that is designed with a two-stage carbon filter, which means that the double filtration will not leave any chlorine behind in your water and any odor will be removed as well. The filter is made from a hollow fiber that will keep all of the bacteria out of your drinking water and ensure that there is no aftertaste in the water that you drink; in fact, this bottle is designed to remove 99.9 percent of all bacteria, leaving you with pure water that you can drink, even if it comes from a lake or a stream.


  • This water bottle is BPA-free, which means it’s chemical-free.
  • This bottle comes with a carabineer, which makes it great for hiking.


  • If the bottle is horizontally positioned, the straw can leak.

2) SurviMate Water Filter Bottle 2-Stage Integrated Personal Filter Straw


This is a BPA-free filtered water bottle that comes with a two-stage filtration system to remove 99.9 percent of the bacteria, chlorine, and contaminants that are in your water. The straw is designed with a carbon filter so that the water is odor-free when it makes its way to the nozzle, and you will not experience any aftertaste when you drink the water. In addition, this bottle has a rubber seal around the rim to ensure that it does not leak while you are on the go.


  • The filtration is strong enough to purify water from a stream.
  • This water bottle comes with a carabineer, so it’s very easy to carry.


  • The bottle’s a little too large for standard cup holders.

3) Purewell Personal Water Filter Bottle with 2-Stage Integrated Filter


The next filtered water bottle, which is from Purewell, that we are going to review is another one that features a great two-stage filtration system. Since this is also a BPA-fee bottle, you can be sure that there will be no aftertaste after the bacteria, chlorine, metal ion, and other contaminants have been removed. In addition, this filter is designed to purify up to 396 gallons of water before it needs to be changed, so even if you use it every day, it will not need to be changed frequently.


  • The bottle comes with a paracord bracelet that can double as a fire starter.
  • The two-stage filtration makes it great for stream water while hiking.


  • it can be difficult to suck the water through the straw.

4) Woder Water Filter Bottle with High-Performance Ionic Filtration System


The next water bottle is designed to purify the water from contaminants like heavy metals, microorganisms, and bad tastes, but it will also remove synthetic compounds that can be found in water like detergents, pesticides, lead, and mercury. Though this extensive filtration may not be needed for regular tap water, it may be necessary in a survival situation. The more contaminants the bottle filters from the water, the sooner you are going to want to change the filter to make sure the water that you are drinking is always removing 99.9 percent of the impurities from the water.


  • This bottle has a large water capacity that’s ideal for trips.
  • The seal secures the lid so that it does not leak.


  • There is a lot of resistance when sucking through the straw.

5) Hydroblu Clear Flow Water Bottle with Filter


The Hydroblu water bottle is designed with a filtration system that is ideal for travel and survival in the wilderness. The carbon and hollow fiber membrane water filtration system in the straw is designed to purify 99.9 percent of the bacteria in the water, which includes things like E. coli and salmonella, but it also is designed to remove protozoa from the water as well. The active charcoal in the filtration system is also designed to remove heavy metals from the water, ensuring that there is no aftertaste when the water is purified.


  • This water bottle is extremely durable; meaning it will not break if it’s dropped.
  • The water flow will decrease when the filter needs to be changed.


  • It requires some effort to suck through the straw.

6) Refresh2go Milestone Filtered Water Bottle


This Refresh2go water bottle is available in a few bright colors, and it is designed with a hook on the cap that makes it easy to carry while you are outdoors. The cap is leak-proof, and the nozzle even folds down to ensure that it stays clean. This bottle is designed to filter up to 40 gallons of water. During this process, it will remove chlorine, bacteria, and odors from the water. In addition, this water bottle comes with two straws, which allows you to remove the filter if you know that the water you are drinking is pure.


  • This water bottle can be washed on the top shelf of the dishwasher.
  • This water bottle is designed with a large, 34-ounce capacity.


  • The thin straw is difficult to drink from with the filter attached.

7) GRAYL Ultralight Water Bottle with Purifier


The next filtered water bottle that we are going to review, which is the GRAYL Ultralight, has a filtration system that has a little bit more of a hands-on experience. You simply fill the water bottle with water and push it through the filtration system before drinking it. The entire process will only require about 15 seconds of your time, and the water that is purified will remove viruses, bacteria, chemicals, and heavy metals from the water. In fact, it will remove 99.9 percent of the impurities, leaving you with fresh water that does not have an aftertaste.


  • This water bottle is quite light, which makes it easy to carry.
  • The pour spout makes it easy to drink the water.


  • The process of filtering the water requires a bit of strength.

8) Brita Sport Water Bottle with Filter


Brita is known for their ability to filter water, and this water bottle is a great on the go option. The filter is designed to remove impurities that can leave a bad taste in the water like chlorine and other contaminants such as bacteria and heavy metals. This filtration system is designed to purify up to 40 gallons of water before the filter needs to be changed, so it will most likely last for a period of about two years. In addition, since this bottle is made from a soft plastic material, it is less likely to be damaged if it falls.


  • This water bottle can be washed on the top shelf of a dishwasher.
  • The bottle has a lightweight design that is easy to carry.


  • The carry loop is not that durable, so it can wear out quickly.

9) KOR Nava Filter Water Bottle


The KOR Nava is a water bottle that is designed to be used outdoors. The bottom of the bottle has a cushioned base that is not going to slip on uneven surfaces. When it comes to filtration, the unit is designed with a coconut-shell filter straw that removes bacteria and impurities from the water. It is also designed with rapid flow technology, which means that you can quench your thirst without sucking the straw or squeezing the bottle.


  • The cap is attached to the bottle so that you do not lose it.
  • The nozzle is secured under a lid, which keeps it clean.


  • Filling this bottle with ice may prove to be difficult.

10) OKO H2O Level-2 Advanced Filtration Water Bottle


The final filtered water bottle that we are going to look at in this guide is from OKO H20, and it is a bottle that is designed with a level two filtration system. The filtration system is designed to remove 99.9 percent of all of the bacteria that can be found in the water, and it can be used to purify up to 100 gallons before the filter needs to be changed. The hard plastic exterior of the bottle ensures that it will not break, and it comes with an O-ring that can be used to secure the bottle to your backpack.


  • This water bottle is dishwasher safe, which makes it easy to clean.
  • It has a lightweight design that is easy to carry.


  • The mouthpiece is exposed, so it can become dirty on the trail.

How long can a water bottle be reused?

As long as you keep the inside of the bottle clean so that bacteria do not form, you can use the same water bottle for as long as you want.

How often should you change the filter in a filtered water bottle?

To get the best filtered bottled water for drinking, you are going to need to change the filter from time to time. Most water bottles are rated for 300 refills, but in general, the filter in any filtered water bottle should be changed once every two to three months.

How long can you store unused filters?

Filters are designed to be used within a certain amount of time, but as long as they are stored in a dry location, then they should have a shelf life of at least two years. If you use the filter at this point, it may still purify the water, but not quite as well.

Can you drink other liquids from a filtered water bottle?

Water bottles with a built-in filtration system are designed to remove the impurities from the water, so if you add juice or soda to the container, it will overwork the filtration system because it is trying to remove all of the substance that is not water.

Can a filter be washed with soap and water to extend its life?

No, a filter should never be washed with soap and water because the soap will never fully wash out of the filter. If you feel that the filter could be washed, then simply rinse it out with water before refilling the bottle.

Are all filtered plastic water bottles BPA-free?

Not all water bottles are designed BPA-free, but since BPA is considered bad for your health, you will want to ensure that any plastic containers that you are drinking from have this feature.

Can filtered water bottles be made from materials other than plastic?

Yes, not all water bottles are going to be made of plastic. In fact, some individuals may prefer stainless steel or glass water bottles because they are more durable, and there is no chance that the water bottle could contain harmful chemicals.

Can you wash the water bottles in the dishwasher?

Some water bottles are designed with durability in mind, which means that they can withstand the heat from a dishwasher, but even so, you may wish to stick to washing the bottle on the top shelf of the dishwasher to avoid the majority of the heat or wash it by hand.

Can ice go in a filtered water bottle?

Yes, even though there is a filtration system in the bottle, you should still be able to fit ice in the bottle, even if you need to squeeze it in beside the straw. If you are having trouble, there are ice trays that make smaller, more bottle-friendly cubes that may work better.

Can this type of water bottle be frozen?

When you freeze water, it will expand in the container that you put it in. This means that you will not want to freeze your filtered water bottle because when the water expands, it may cause it to crack or break.

Will high heat damage a water bottle?

The interior of a car is a location that can get extremely hot, and this level of heat can cause the toxins in a plastic water bottle to break down more quickly. The only place for these chemicals to go is into the water inside the bottle, making it unsafe to drink. The heat can also melt the plastic a bit, which can misshape your water bottle as well.

Will a filtered water bottle be able to remove salt from water?

A filtered water bottle is designed to remove impurities from the water, but this does not include salt, which means that water from the sea is not a good option for hydration.

What does a filter remove from water?

Some of the impurities that will be removed from your water source with a filtered water bottle include chemical compounds like chlorine, fluoride, fertilizers, and pesticides. The filter can also remove bacteria and parasites, and even though some bacteria are good, others can cause diarrhea and vomiting, which can be deadly if you are hiking.

Are filtered water bottles available that are good for hiking?

Of course, there are water bottles that are good for hiking trips. Simply look for a water bottle that is designed with a hook or a place to attach a carabineer so that you can hook the water bottle on your backpack.

Can you purify water from a lake or a stream using this type of water bottle?

That will depend on the type of filtration system that your water bottle has. If you have a heavy-duty filtration system that is going to remove micro-organisms that could make you ill, then this water will be purified by your water bottle.

Can you drink untreated water from these bottles?

No, you should never drink untreated water. This includes water that is found in third world countries because it could contain bacteria and diseases that cannot be filtered from the water.

Will purifying tap water make it healthier?

It is not necessarily healthier to drink filtered water than tap water because the impurities that the filter is removing only make the water taste better. However, if the water contains bacteria that could make you ill, it is definitely healthier to purify your water.

What makes filtered water better than bottled water?

Water that is stored in plastic bottles that may or may not be BPA-free; though these bottles may be safe to drink from, they are not safe for the environment. In addition, bottled water is only required to be as good as tap water, which means that impurities are left in the water for you to drink.

What types of filtration systems are used in water bottles?

The most common type of filter for these water bottles is a carbon filter; some bottles do use UV filtration systems, but they are rarer because they cost a bit more.

Are these types of water bottles allowed on planes?

Yes, you can take a filtered water bottle on a plane, but you will not be able to have the bottle filled with water when you go through security.

Wrapping It Up

Whether you are looking for the best-filtered water bottle for travel or a water bottle to use at the gym, there are quite a few options available to you. Hopefully, this guide has helped you find the perfect filtered water bottle for your needs, but if you did not choose one of our featured products, reread our buyer’s guide to help point you towards the filtered water bottle that works best for you.


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